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Our Team

Meet the people behind Generous Coffee. We are a dedicated group of individuals committed to making a positive impact in our communities and in the world. While you'll get to know three of our exceptional team members below, we want you to know that our team extends far beyond just the three of us. We firmly believe that our collective strength lies in the support and collaboration we receive from the amazing people in our communities.

Meet the team

Ben Higgins


“I love Generous because of the stories it creates. Because Generous donates 100% of its profits to nonprofits there are so many people who have made an impact in others lives through the purchase of Generous coffee. For me, working for a company that's mission is to give back and sell incredible coffee keeps my job exciting and encouraging everyday. “

Tyler Silveus


“Generous is more than a company, it is an idea that a company can be more than what we typically see. I love knowing that every day my work matters. I am able to work on behalf of so many people I will never meet. People who for whatever reason carry a heavier burden than I have ever had to carry in life. We donate 100% of our profits to non-profits who help people in need. It may be people experiencing homelessness or people born into poverty in another country. Each of us have needs and they are basically all the same. Generous is a vehicle to try and provide as we are able for some of those needs but maybe more importantly to encourage each other towards generosity and love as a way of doing business, a way of living.”

Sara Wells


“I feel so grateful to be a part of the Generous Coffee team. Working and connecting with people who are passionate to create good in the world is incredibly inspiring and fulfilling.Being part of the Generous community not only allows me to connect with wonderful people in all different fields and from all different parts of the world, but it is also a way to multiply good and create positive change in our world. I have always felt a calling to give back to this world and by helping Generous grow, I am confident that I am making a meaningful difference in many lives. There is nothing that brings me more joy than working for a company built on love and fueled by delicious coffee!"