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We’re An Independent Coffee Company On A Mission

Have you ever asked yourself what impact your purchases are making in the world or in your community? With each coffee bag, shirt, or mug purchased at Generous Coffee, 100% of the profits are donated to humanitarian organizations and communities in need. You have power as a consumer to change the world, and it can begin here, at Generous. We ethically source our coffee from coffee producers around the world, but our efforts as a sustainable coffee company don’t stop there - because of our customers’ continued support, we have been able to partner with organizations to deliver clean water, build homes, and more. We are an independent coffee company focused on delivering delicious roasts and positively impacting communities in need.

Share The Generous Story

Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, but the goodness it brings doesn’t have to stop when you finish your cold brew. Whether you’re stocking up on your favorite Generous roasts, or you’re searching for a meaningful gift, Generous Coffee’s impact goes beyond the brew. Our coffee is making an impact across the world, and we can proudly deliver that news because of our community support. Your purchases have helped organizations fulfill their missions and support communities in need. Generous Coffee may be delicious, aromatic, and smooth, but it is also coffee on a mission to do good. We are coffee with a purpose.