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Artisan Coffee Bags

Kindness is a beautiful expression that can take many forms. Here at Generous, we celebrate creativity because we believe art has the power to transform, illuminate, educate, and inspire. We realized that our coffee bags can serve as the canvas to share some of those stories. Each art bag has a unique story to share. Learn about our current collection called Highlight Hope.

About Highlight Hope

Generous is excited about the launch of our “Highlight Hope” campaign. This campaign is designed to highlight organizations that are working effectively, efficiently, and sustainably to help fight injustice facing humans around the world. Since the beginning Generous Coffee has committed to supporting organizations who are helping people.

We are best known for donating 100% of profits to nonprofits, however, by partnering with nonprofits to create these bags we believe there can be a deeper connection to each organization. Generous chose four outstanding organizations for this campaign: Brace For Impact 46, Love One International, One ATTA Time, and Only 7 Seconds.