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Artisan Coffee Bags

Kindness is a beautiful expression that can take many forms. Here at Generous, we celebrate creativity because we believe art has the power to transform, illuminate, educate, and inspire. We realized that our coffee bags can serve as the canvas to share some of those stories. Each art bag has a unique story to share.


About Highlight Hope

Generous is excited about the launch of our “Highlight Hope” campaign. This campaign is designed to highlight organizations that are working effectively, efficiently, and sustainably to help fight injustice facing humans around the world. Since the beginning Generous Coffee has committed to supporting organizations who are helping people.

We are currently featuring two special coffee bags: one that supports local organizations and another that supports a global cause. Generosity knows no boundaries, and we believe in spreading kindness everywhere. Based in Warsaw, IN, and with the opening of our new roastery, we have created a bag to support the Kosciusko County community. Alongside this Warsaw coffee bag, we have brought back a powerful favorite: the IJM bag. Originally featured during Dressember this past winter, the IJM bag supports the International Justice Mission's efforts to combat human trafficking. We decided to reintroduce this impactful bag to continue supporting this vital cause. Learn more about each bag and the organizations that are supported with each purchase.

Highlighting IJM

The IJM Coffee Bag was originally created to support the International Justice Mission during Dressember. We are bringing this bag back because IJM's mission is one we are committed to supporting year-round. IJM works to protect people in poverty from violence by rescuing victims, bringing criminals to justice, restoring survivors to safety and strength, and assisting local law enforcement in building a secure future.

This bag features the powerful story of Ruby, who was trafficked at 16 and now shares her experiences to help others. Her story and the vital work that IJM does is illustrated on this bag.

Highlighting Warsaw

The Warsaw Coffee Bag was Design by Aubrey Gerber, a student at Wawasee High School and the winner of our art contest! Aubrey’s creation beautifully captures the essence of our vibrant community space, our mission, and the charm of our hometown.

Aubrey's winning design is as innovative as it is heartfelt. Utilizing her mom's leftover coffee and a repurposed Trader Joe's grocery bag, she has transformed everyday materials into a stunning piece of art. The intricate details and artistic talent displayed in her work resonated deeply with us, embodying the joy and inspiration we feel in our community space.

With each purchase of the Warsaw Coffee Bag you will be supporting 4 local nonprofits. We will donate 100% of the profits from your purchase of this bag to Baker’s Youth Club, Cardinal Services, CASA, and Wagon Wheel.