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Our Story

For Profit, For Purpose

We live in a world with access to coffee in every workplace, neighborhood, grocery store shelf, and practically anywhere we go. So why should yet another coffee company exist? That’s a question we can answer. Generous Coffee exists to change lives. We believe that if you are going to buy coffee, it might as well be life-changing and delicious! We are a for profit business, but more importantly, we are a for PURPOSE business. We sell products to make a profit, so that we can turn around and give that money straight to nonprofits who work tirelessly to fight injustices that humans are facing around the world. Through your purchases we've been able to support nonprofit organizations from our local area of Warsaw, IN to organizations based in South America to organizations in Africa to organizations in Asia and everywhere in between!

A Community Built On Generosity

At Generous, the word "we" holds special meaning because it reflects the collective strength we share with each of you. Your generosity is the driving force behind everything we do. The Generous community, comprising ambassadors, event participants, volunteers, and customers, forms the heart of our endeavors. Together, united by a common belief, we've witnessed the transformative power of conscious consumerism. It goes beyond mere coffee or apparel purchases; we aim to inspire you to embody generosity in your daily life. When you choose Generous Coffee or our products, we want you to feel a sense of hope and excitement, knowing that your decision is making a positive impact to lives around the world. Your choice becomes a catalyst for change, empowering individuals and creating a ripple effect of generosity. Be a positive agent of change and drink generously.

Ethical Shopping

While our coffee is our claim to fame, Generous Coffee extends far beyond just that. We collaborate with like-hearted companies to offer you purposeful items like mugs, tumblers, jewelry, and apparel. Our commitment to making a positive impact doesn't come at the expense of quality—we prioritize excellence in every product. Each Generous product is not just high quality but also 100% life-changing.

How it all began

In 2010, the nonprofit Humanity and Hope United (H&H) was born to help communities in Honduras by investing in the people as they work to create a sustainable future. President of H&H, Riley Fuller and Board Member, Ben Higgins were at dinner one night while in Honduras and found themselves in a conversation centered around sustainable fundraising. At the dinner they were asked what they would do if their fundraising for H&H ever ran out.

In the summer of 2017, Ben and Riley visited a coffee farm and saw firsthand how much effort and hard work went into each cup of coffee. Through this trip they began to imagine how coffee could be used as a fundraising tool for nonprofits. They envisioned that they could sell bags of coffee and donate the profits directly to nonprofits. Their vision didn't stop there. It was not enough for them to just donate profits, it was important to everyone that the coffee farmers are compensated fairly. After this trip they returned to The States and created the business they dreamt up. Generous Coffee was born. They pledged that 100% of profits from coffee and any other products would directly to nonprofits fighting injustice around the world.

Generous Coffee officially launched in January of 2018.

Today this for-purpose business that was dreamt up in Honduras is now giving back to communities located all over the world. Through purchases from Generous Coffee's online store, over $150,000 has been donated to nonprofits. On top of that, Generous Coffee has also been able to donate thousands of dollars in products to local shelters, schools, and first responders.

Generous Coffee is currently selling 10 different specialty grade coffee roasts that are proudly roasted from their own Roastery. The Generous Coffee team is able to source, roast, and ship all of their coffee from The Generous Roastery located in the heart of Downtown Warsaw, IN. Generous' President & CEO opened the Roastery in their hometown back in 2021. Since then it has been a hub for the community to gather and generosity to flow!