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Life-Changing Coffee



Highlight Hope

A collection designed 4 incredible nonprofits. The design you choose decides which nonprofits gets 100% of the profits from your purchase!


Buy 10 get 5 free. Buy 20 get 10 free.


The world becomes a happier place when you buy Generous Coffee.

Wake up, have coffee, change the world - that’s an ambitious to-do list. But at Generous Coffee, changing the world before 9 A.M. is not only a possibility but a reality. Our beans are sourced from communities abroad and shipped across the country to individuals, like you, who want to spread goodness with each purchase they make.

100% of profits earned from each specialty coffee subscription and purchase are directed to partner organizations, allowing them to carry out their mission and serve communities in need.

Changing the world with each sip of coffee.

Through thick and thin, Generous Coffee is on the side of humankind. We partner with humanitarian organizations to help people and causes all over the world. With every coffee purchase YOU are helping lives all around the world because we always give 100% of profits directly to the nonprofits we partner with.

Not only are you making a purposeful purchase, but you are getting a high quality product. Our coffee is specialty-grade, craft roasted, ethically sourced, clean coffee. Is your mouth watering just thinking about it?!

Why Generous Coffee? We'll let our customers do the talking.

I'm not a coffee connoisseur, but I do really enjoy this classic Guatemalan flavor and taste of coffee. For me though, the mission and purpose is the biggest thing! I trust that my money is going into the hands of those women, men and children that need it the most. Their lives are being changed by the Generous buyers and I am so thankful I can be a generous giver to them!

Danielle Calhoon

My coworker and I have been trying the top 25 coffee roasters in America. Generous Coffee is not on any list, but it is by far the best tasting coffee we’ve had bar none! Better than Blue Bottle, Joe, George Howell, Verve, Cuvée, Intelligencia, Stumptown etc. We just LOVE this coffee, so thank you Generous Coffee for being amazing!!!!

Scott DuBois

I am IN LOVE with this shirt!! I never want to take it off— it’s so soft and comfy, and definitely gets the VIP section of the closet! I truly love what these shirts stand for, and I feel so proud wearing it. I get so many compliments and questions about it, and I just love sharing the story behind it. Thanks Generous Coffee for everything you do!

Brandy Stephenson