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The Generous Coffee Roastery is now open in Warsaw, IN

Spring Bundle: a bundle to share

A bundle created for you and a loved one! It's all about spreading the love and being generous without any hassle.

"If you're going to drink coffee anyways, might as well make it life-changing coffee."

Our mission is generosity

Generous is a for-profit business that donates 100% of its profits to nonprofits. We like to refer to ourselves as a for-purpose business because our purpose is our driving motivation in the work that we do day to day. The nonprofits we donate to are human-focused, efficient with their funds, effective in their mission, and sustainable in their purpose.


When you buy Generous Coffee not only are you making a purposeful purchase, but you are getting some of the best coffee in the world! Our coffee is specialty grade, craft roasted, ethically sourced, clean coffee. Impactful and delicious, what more could you want from your morning brew?

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Highlight Hope

Highlight Hope is an opportunity for us to highlight organizations that are working effectively, efficiently, and sustainably to help fight injustice facing humans around the world. It is also a chance for you, as the consumer, to decide which nonprofit your purchase will be supporting. By partnering with nonprofits to create these bags we believe there can be a deeper connection to each organization.

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