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Generous Coffee + YOU

Do you want to be a part of the Generous mission to spread generosity around the world through coffee, but unsure how to do this? Well, what about bringing Generous Coffee to your community or workplace? It's not just about a caffeine fix; it's about making a difference. Each coffee purchase you make could be the reason a student gets three healthy meals a day, a whole community gets access to clean water for the first time, or emergency relief efforts get the support they need. 
We team up with nonprofits dedicated to making lasting, positive changes in communities. By donating 100% of our profits to these partners, our impact scales with each coffee sale.
None of this happens without YOU! When you switch your coffee to Generous Coffee—whether it's for your office, your church, holiday gifts, or any event—you're choosing to be part of something big. 
Ready to make a difference? Sign up for a wholesale account or contact us about design your own coffee bag and start spreading the love, one cup at a time!