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Dark Roast Coffee Beans

If you're like us, chances are you think life is much better with coffee. At Generous, we believe in that 110%, and seek to improve the lives of others through our quality craft coffee. When you buy from Generous Coffee, you become a part of our mission to give back to the global community. Our online store's profits are reinvested in several nonprofit groups working directly toward philanthropic causes. So every time you purchase dark roast coffee online from Generous, those flavorful cups provide greatly appreciated funds to those bringing positive change to the world. Learn Why Generous is the Best Place to Buy Dark Roast Coffee Online! Our dark roast collection includes specialty-grade varieties and customer favorites: The Higgins: A custom blend and the darkest of our dark roasts, with notes of caramelized sugar and dark chocolate. The Drew: One of our long-standing blended favorites, featuring notes of toasted almonds, toffee, and dried fruits.  Whether you buy grounds or beans, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the warmth of our dark roast coffee. And when you buy from Generous, you're sure to enjoy the warm feeling of philanthropy as well. Every cup sold brings us one step closer to a more Generous world. Subscribe, Save, and Savor For the coffee drinker in your life, whether that’s you or someone else, a coffee subscription is a convenient essential. Subscriptions are priced such that they are essentially a 15% discount off the single-order price, so you save time and money while your new favorite coffee is delivered straight to you, right when you need it. Dark Roast Coffee Beans With a Purpose In addition to our dark roast blends, we have many other light roast and medium roast coffees that you'll want to explore. Shop now to see our current offerings and join the Generous movement!

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Drinking Accessories

Show some love for Generous Coffee with our indie coffee mugs, kettles, pour over kits, and more. Just like our specialty grade coffee, our Generous Coffee accessories help us fulfill our mission. 100% of profits from each purchase are donated to humanitarian organizations and communities in need. Stylish Indie Coffee Mugs and More Whether you’re a Generous Coffee fan or searching for a gift, our accessories add the perfect touch to your kitchen. Our ceramic mugs are available in a variety of colors and designs to suit your unique style. Add even more style to your craft roasted coffee with Generous Coffee’s other trendy coffee drinking accessories. Let the world know you’re drinking Generous Coffee, and spread the joy of our mission! Delicious, life-changing coffee is meant to be shared and enjoyed. Coffee Drinking Accessories With a Purpose Just as we do with our coffees, we donate the profits we make from selling our accessories to humanitarian organizations and communities in need. Our hats and jewelry make great, stylish gifts, but they also have an additional purpose - they’re supporting great causes with each purchase. It isn’t just about enjoying a quality product - it’s about community, caring, and changing the world for the better. Explore Our Generous Offerings Complete your gift arrangement with our Trio Sampler pack - the perfect way to introduce Generous Coffee to friends, loved ones, and colleagues. Have you already tried our signature blends, from light to dark roast? In an effort to support sustainable coffee producers, we source our coffees only from independent farms. Whether you’re shopping for coffee accessories or you’re searching for the perfect roast, you can shop with pride at Generous Coffee, knowing that the money you spend with us is being put to good use.

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Generous Apparel

The Generous mission rings true, even with purchases of our apparel. With Generous Threads, you can look good while spreading the Generous message. 100% of our profits are donated to organizations that help communities in need. We aren’t in the business of fast fashion; like our coffee, this is fashion with a purpose. Shop Generous Coffee Apparel Our Generous Coffee clothing selection features a variety of pieces for cozy evenings and balmy mornings. Hoodies, t-shirts, crop tops, and more - we’ve got all the right pieces to perfect your look and stay comfortable in any weather. Great as a gift or an addition to your wardrobe, our Generous apparel helps spread our important mission. Craft-roasted coffee is enjoyed all year long, and so is our clothing selection! For Profit, For Purpose Pair your coffee clothing with one of our signature roasts. If you’re arranging a gift set, our Trio Sampler Pack matches well alongside a hoodie, crop top, beanie, or pullover. If you’re already stocked up on our specialty coffee, check out Generous Coffee’s accessories, including indie coffee mugs, pour over sets, coffee grinders, and more. Drink Life-Changing Coffee At Generous Coffee, we’re proud to ethically source our coffees only from independent coffee producers, and we take additional pride in delivering our customers smooth, rich coffees. Whether you’re a cold brew fan, a lover of the latte, French press, Aeropress, or pour over, each of our signature coffees delivers a delicious, aromatic, and memorable experience. 100% of our profits go to humanitarian organizations, so whether you’re shopping for coffee clothing and apparel, indie coffee mugs, or one of our signature craft roasts, you can buy with confidence knowing that your money is supporting communities in need.

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Generous Coffee

As a consumer, you have the ability to change the world. At Generous Coffee, we want to empower you to do just that. When you drink Generous Coffee, you’re not only drinking ethical coffee, you’re investing in projects that will help communities in need around the world. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy our coffee and share the joy with others: We deliver specialty grade single-origin and crafted blends to individuals who want to positively impact the world by being a conscientious consumer  We offer sustainable coffee subscriptions that deliver your favorite blends to your doorstep conveniently Ethical coffee subscriptions make thoughtful gifts to loved ones and fellow coffee enthusiasts Be the life of the party - feature an assortment of blends at your next gathering. Check out our Trio Sampler Pack Looking to add some life to the office or the teacher’s lounge? Coffee warms everyone’s hearts, but with Generous Coffee, you’ll be changing lives for the better too. On the go with no time to brew? Check out our Generous Steeped Packs, sealed to perfection providing you with our signature Happy Medium Roast A Sustainable Coffee Subscription Sustains More Than a Full Mug We are proud to offer a wide selection of diverse blends. By purchasing a specialty coffee subscription, you’re helping the farmers we work with sustain their operations and simultaneously providing assistance to our partner organizations to carry out their mission. That’s not just ethical coffee you’re drinking, that’s powerful, life-changing coffee.  Become a Generous Ambassador Want to have a deeper involvement with the Generous Coffee community? Learn more about our ambassador program and the role you’d play in impacting the world. Apply to be a Generous Ambassador today.

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Light Roast Coffee Beans

Life is better when you drink coffee, and we want to make all lives better when you drink ours. Generous Coffee is committed to giving back and spreading goodwill throughout the world; our profits go directly to humanitarian organizations that help people in need. We work closely with our coffee farmers, too, to ensure that you enjoy each cup of Generous Coffee you drink. When you buy light roast coffee beans online from Generous, you can help change the world just by drinking quality coffee. Light Roasts That Give Back Our light roast collection has several specialty-grade coffee bean varieties to choose from. If you’re a light roast fan, you’re sure to find a new favorite among ours: Peru: Featuring notes of cocoa, praline, and sweet citrus. Light Colombia: Featuring notes of baking chocolate, citrus, and sweet and savory spices. Ethiopian: Featuring notes of berries, stone fruit, and chocolate. The Fuller: A Generous custom blend with strong fruity and chocolate flavors. By drinking Generously, coffee drinkers can help create a better, self-sufficient life for people around the world. Save Time and Money With a Subscription  Our coffee subscriptions save you approximately 15% compared to buying individual bags. If you’re a frequent coffee drinker, or have one in your life, a coffee subscription may be just the Generous gift they need. Our coffee bags are also decorated in exclusive art from our Generous artists. We frequently rotate out the artwork on our bags; the different designs and unique styles are sure to surprise you and make every purchase feel new! Live and Drink Generously In addition to our light roast coffee beans, we have many other medium roast and dark roast coffees that we're confident you'll love to try. Shop now to find your new favorite coffees, explore new possibilities, and become a part of a greater movement!

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Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Like you, we love drinking coffee, but what if lives could be positively impacted with every cup? When you buy medium roast coffee from Generous, that's exactly what happens. Generous Coffee is based on the principles of giving back and spreading goodwill through the global coffee community. Our online store's profits are distributed to nonprofit organizations working directly with people in need. When you purchase medium roast coffee online from Generous, know that every enjoyable cup helps fund causes that leave a positive impact. Buy Generous Medium Roast Coffee Online Our medium roast collection features specialty-grade coffees and blends. Here are a few of our customers' favorites: Golden City Espresso: Our signature espresso blend features coffees from around the world and contains notes of fruit, chocolate, nuttiness, and spices. Mexico Cristal: Featuring almond, citrus, and cocoa notes. Honduran: Blended from the Marcala region with notes of sweet chocolate, cherry, and nuts. Decaf: Our custom decaf coffee is processed without harsh chemicals and features notes of brown sugar and roasted nuts. When you buy medium roast coffee beans or grounds from Generous, every dollar supports the cause. When we all work together, we can help make the world a more Generous place. Generous Coffee and Generous Art When you purchase any of our craft-roasted coffee, you'll notice that the bag features unique custom artwork from one of our Generous artists. The voices of our artists pair perfectly with our distinct coffees from around the world. Explore Our Generous Coffees In addition to our medium roast coffee beans, we have many other light roast and dark roast coffees that you'll enjoy. Shop today to find new and old favorites, and drink life-changing coffee!

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MudLOVE At Generous Coffee

Our mission statement at Generous Coffee is coffee with a purpose, but our purpose goes beyond the bean and the beverage. We partner with brands that are also on a mission to spread goodness. We present to you, MudLOVE. These bracelets and mugs are not only stylish accessories and great gifts, but each purchase provides a week of clean water to an individual in the Central African Republic. Handcrafted in Indiana, this purposeful collection pairs perfectly with any of our Generous Coffee roasts. Gift it, wear it, share it - Generous isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. Shop MudLOVE Bracelets  Available in a variety of colors, these bracelets are adjustable and waterproof. Each bracelet can be adjusted between 5” to 8”, making them suitable for most. Gift it to that Generous Coffee lover in your life, or accessorize your outfit - these bracelets are not only stylish, they’re meaningful. Making An Impact Starts Here, With You Whether you’re trying one of our fan favorite roasts, like The Higgins or The Drew, or wearing Generous apparel, all profits are donated to humanitarian organizations and communities in need. Interested in introducing Generous Coffee to a friend? Start them off with our Trio Sampler Pack and pair it with a MudLOVE accessory. Drink Life-Changing Coffee At Generous Coffee, our coffees are ethically-sourced from independent farms and producers. We take pride in delivering our customers smooth, rich coffees and offering a wide variety of blends. Whether you’re a fan of the cold brew, Aeropress, French press, latte, or pour over - our coffees and blends deliver the perfect cup each time. Looking to expand your wardrobe and spread the Generous story? Check out our apparel, featuring stylish items suitable for each season. Want to get more involved in the Generous community? Join our Generous Ambassador Program.

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Shop Everything Generous

Get your next bag of Generous Coffee online! Order specialty coffee blends like The Higgins or The Fuller, or peruse our single-origin offerings like the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe or Rwandan coffees. The Generous mission is to create a world that drinks life-changing coffee, and these beans and accessories are just part of how we can make that change. Whether you’re looking for your next favorite drip brew, an espresso blend, or just need some apparel for a Generous meetup, we have just what you need. Specialty Coffee Bags Order specialty coffee blends online. Browse coffee from classic tastes and modern methods, all from purpose-built relationships with farmers we trust. All profits we make from our coffee go directly to supporting our farm relationships and nonprofit organizations so that you can support the Generous Mission one pound of coffee at a time. Coffee Accessories We’re more than just coffee. You can also order brewing accessories, mugs, and apparel online. From pour-over kits to mugs, t-shirts, hats, and more, we have everything you need to outfit your wardrobe with Generous merchandise. Whether you’re wearing it on a day off or during a Generous community meetup, these accessories are just what you need to spread good will. Generous Savings and Support Save money and support our movement by bundling your items! Online orders of specialty coffee or other items that total more than $60 qualify for free shipping in the United States, helping you to save money while supporting our team! Plus, sign up for a coffee subscription service and receive coffee every month at 15% less than the single-bag order price. All of these savings go to help our team support nonprofit organizations around the world. Every cent of profit Generous makes from sales in our store help nonprofits bring food, water, education, and infrastructure to communities that need it. Participate in a greater story and help make the world more Generous today!

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