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Light Roasts That Give Back

Our light roast collection has several specialty-grade coffee bean varieties to choose from. If you’re a light roast fan, you’re sure to find a new favorite among ours:

  • Peru: Featuring notes of cocoa, praline, and sweet citrus.
  • Light Colombia: Featuring notes of baking chocolate, citrus, and sweet and savory spices.
  • Ethiopian: Featuring notes of berries, stone fruit, and chocolate.
  • The Fuller: A Generous custom blend with strong fruity and chocolate flavors.

By drinking Generously, coffee drinkers can help create a better, self-sufficient life for people around the world.

Save Time and Money With a Subscription 

Our coffee subscriptions save you approximately 15% compared to buying individual bags. If you’re a frequent coffee drinker, or have one in your life, a coffee subscription may be just the Generous gift they need. Our coffee bags are also decorated in exclusive art from our Generous artists. We frequently rotate out the artwork on our bags; the different designs and unique styles are sure to surprise you and make every purchase feel new!

Live and Drink Generously

In addition to our light roast coffee beans, we have many other medium roast and dark roast coffees that we're confident you'll love to try. Shop now to find your new favorite coffees, explore new possibilities, and become a part of a greater movement!