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Our Coffee

Craft-Roasted Coffee Changing Lives Around The World

Generous Coffee is an Ethical Coffee Company

Sourced from independent coffee producers, Generous Coffee is sustainable, traceable, and specialty grade. We donate 100% of our profits to humanitarian organizations and communities in need. Your purchase is also sustaining operations of coffee producers around the world. Now that’s powerful, life-changing coffee.

light brown coffee beans


The Fuller, Peru, Light Colombian, Ethiopian

dark brown coffee beans


Golden City Espresso, Decaf, Mexico Cristal, Honduran, Costa Rican

Coffee Dark Bean


The Higgins and The Drew

Traceable Coffee, Right Back To Its Source

It’s called “traceable coffee” because Generous can validate its source - where it was grown, picked, and processed, along with who produced it. Coffee transparency is paramount to producing ethical coffee. As a consumer, don’t you want to purchase items that are produced under fair and safe conditions? As a seller, we pride ourselves in providing that information.

Fast, simple, and textured, the French Press is a steeping method that can produce multiple cups of coffee in one brew. It delivers a strong, distinctive flavor and is a stylish way to present coffee to guests.

Cold brews are never heated, making them low in acidity and partially sweet. The pour over is a quick and easy way of arranging a single-cup of smooth coffee.

The AeroPress is a portable method of brewing coffee according to your specific preferences. With customizable options, you can arrange the AeroPress settings to your liking. For more brew tips, visit our Generous Coffee blog.

Now that you know how to brew up your coffee, it's time to change the world and get yourself a bag!