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Our Coffee


At Generous Coffee, we're all about doing coffee the right way! To us that means delivering you a high-quality product that is backed by a mission to create a better world for everyone.

Generous Coffee is committed to ethical sourcing practices. This means that we prioritize the welfare of coffee farmers and their communities throughout the supply chain. We support partnerships based on fair trade principles. This includes paying farmers a fair price for their coffee beans that reflects the true value of their labor and allows for a sustainable livelihood. Coffee farming is often characterized by labor-intensive work and farmers deserve to be treated fairly and with dignity. Ethical treatment encompasses safe and healthy working conditions, fair labor practices, and protection of workers' rights, including the prohibition of child and forced labor. 

We also promote environmental sustainability by supporting farmers who use organic and regenerative farming methods, and helping them access resources and education to improve their farming practices. Additionally, we invest in organizatoins who support social projects in coffee-growing regions to improve access to clean water, healthcare, education, and other essential needs.

Ethical sourcing means creating a positive impact on the lives of coffee farmers and their communities, fostering sustainability, and promoting social responsibility throughout their supply chain.

When you purchase Generous Coffee beans, we want you to enjoy each brew for two reasons: 1) because you're a part of something bigger, making a positive impact around the world, and 2) because we did not compromise on the quality of coffee; you are drinking some of the best coffee in the world.

'Bout The Beans

We are proud to serve specialty grade coffee beans which means it is coffee that cups above an 80. Cupping is a method of evaluating coffee based on its flavor, aroma, acidity, body, and overall characteristics. When coffee cups above an 80 it's like a stamp of approval from coffee experts, signaling that this brew is something truly special.

Specialty coffee is known for its higher quality and unique flavors, and it often comes from specific regions with ideal growing conditions. When you drink specialty coffee you can ensure you're drinking some of the best coffee in the world being that it is in the top 1% of coffee. We offer 10 different coffee roasts. 4 of the 10 roasts are signature blends that have been carefully curated to create bold flavors by combining beans from different regions of the world.

Joel Squires - The Roasting Man!

Hear what Joel, our Head Roaster, has to say!

"My name is Joel,  I am a husband and father to two little girls, who loves to cook and make delicious coffee.  I have been involved in the restaurant industry for 12 years now, 9 of which I ran a local cafe where I first started to learn about specialty coffee and the roasting process.  I first got into roasting to learn how to express what I was tasting in coffee and to understand how those flavors came to be.  Once I started to learn about the process I realized it was one of the most complex forms of cooking I've ever done and really fell in love with how the nuances of subtle changes can make coffee different. I've been roasting coffee now for over 5 years.  The thing I love the most about coffee is that it is such a complex beverage, it has hundreds of chemical make ups that can change the flavor of the finished product making it more nuanced than wine.  Like wine, coffee can change year to year, farm to farm and country to country and I love to try them all and see how those factors change them.  My 3 favorite roasts right now are our Ethiopia, Rwanda and for a darker roast the Honduras. "