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The Higgins

From $17.99

The Drew

From $17.99

Learn Why Generous is the Best Place to Buy Dark Roast Coffee Online!

Our dark roast collection includes specialty-grade varieties and customer favorites:

  • The Higgins: A custom blend and the darkest of our dark roasts, with notes of caramelized sugar and dark chocolate.
  • The Drew: One of our long-standing blended favorites, featuring notes of toasted almonds, toffee, and dried fruits. 

Whether you buy grounds or beans, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the warmth of our dark roast coffee. And when you buy from Generous, you're sure to enjoy the warm feeling of philanthropy as well. Every cup sold brings us one step closer to a more Generous world.

Subscribe, Save, and Savor

For the coffee drinker in your life, whether that’s you or someone else, a coffee subscription is a convenient essential. Subscriptions are priced such that they are essentially a 15% discount off the single-order price, so you save time and money while your new favorite coffee is delivered straight to you, right when you need it.

Dark Roast Coffee Beans With a Purpose

In addition to our dark roast blends, we have many other light roast and medium roast coffees that you'll want to explore. Shop now to see our current offerings and join the Generous movement!