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Light Colombian


Tasting Notes:

Sweet and smooth with cocoa, lemon, and apricot jam flavors.

Roast Level:

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100% Profits
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Coffee with
a Purpose

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Sourced from
Independent Producers

No Mold

A Flavorful Colombian Coffee Blend

Our light Colombian blend is perfect for all-day drinking. Sourced from the Narino and San Agustin regions, this coffee blend is a delicious light roast featuring tasting notes of dark chocolate, citrus, and sweet and savory spices. Our Colombian blend is ideal for serving after lunch, during meetings, or as a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up. In addition to having a delicious, easy-to-drink taste, our coffees are all ethically-sourced from independent coffee producers, so you can sip and rest easily knowing that your money went to support real people.

Our Colombian blend is a light roast coffee that is always gentle yet flavorful. San Agustin coffee beans are versatile because the brewed coffee is equally delicious when served black as it is when paired with a creamer or sweetener. We deliver premium quality coffee that can be used in a variety of brewing methods: Aeropress, French press, pour-over, cold brewed, latte, or whatever your favorite way to drink coffee may be.

Give Back Generously

At Generous Coffee, we sell only premium, single-origin coffee beans. We’re also on a mission to do good and spread goodwill worldwide. All profits (yes, 100%!) go to organizations we partner with to help communities in need. So with every cup of coffee, you’re helping people have a better future!

Subscribe and Save on Quality Coffee

If you’re a fan of our Colombian coffee blend, our subscription option might be perfect for you. Enjoy a steady supply of high-quality craft coffee delivered right to your door, at a price that saves you about 15% per order. Our coffees are also packaged in bags with unique art that reflects the visions of our artists, introducing you to new stories while you enjoy the coffee’s new flavor.

Explore Our Offerings

In addition to our Colombian blend, we have a wide variety of sustainable coffees to suit any

occasion and every palate. So shop your favorites, try something new, and join the Generous movement today!


Q: Which regions of Colombia are in this coffee blend?

A: This light roast Colombian blend is sourced from the Narino and San Agustin regions in Colombia. Harvested in western Colombia, the Narino and San Agustin coffees bring this blend a deliciously citrusy and lightly spiced flavor that is tantalizing to the palate.

Q: How is this blend ideally brewed?

A: Though this coffee can be brewed in any way you prefer, it shines in espresso and pressure brew applications. The high pressures and quick brew accentuate the sweetness and spice prevalent in this coffee, and will pair excellently with milk for lattes or cappuccinos.

Q: How does this coffee benefit its community?

A: At Generous Coffee, we encourage everyone to give back to their community. We wish to lead the charge by donating all the profits we make to organizations we partner with worldwide to help communities in need.