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Peru Cajamarca


Tasting Notes:

Mellow and citric with praline and cocoa flavors.

Roast Level:

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Based on your bag selection, we will donate proceeds to the non-profit organization associated with that bag. Learn more.

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100% Profits
to Charity

Coffee with
a Purpose

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Sourced from
Independent Producers

No Mold

Quality Coffee from Cajamarca

If you’ve wanted to buy Peruvian coffee, we have just what you’re looking for! Our Peruvian coffee has a light profile and is perfect for all times of the day. Ethically-sourced from the Cajamarca region of Peru, this coffee is a pleasant-tasting light roast featuring notes of cocoa, pralines, and sweet citrus. Our Peruvian coffee complements any meal and is a memorable beverage for events, meetings, or parties. We ethically-source our coffees from independent coffee producers to support our mission while delivering coffee that’s up to our high-quality standards.

We love Peruvian coffee beans because they result in a light roast coffee that is always flavorful yet gentle in its taste profile. Our versatile Cajamarca coffee can be enjoyed hot or cold, and is equally delicious with or without sweetener or creamer. Our specialty-grade coffee also responds well to a variety of brewing methods; whether you prefer the AeroPress, French press, pour-over, or cold brew, Generous is sure to become your new go-to.

High-Quality Peruvian Coffee With a Purpose

At Generous Coffee, we’re passionate about selling premium, single-origin coffee beans. We’re also passionate about spreading goodwill. All profits we make go directly to nonprofit organizations that help people in need. With every bag of Generous coffee you purchase, you’re helping contribute to a brighter future!

Participate in a Greater Story

Whether you purchase a single bag or a subscription for our Cajamarca coffee, you can enjoy unique bag artwork along with your craft coffee. Commissioned especially for our Generous customers, our Generous artists have shared their stories on our coffee bags, livening up our coffee with additional meaning.

Drink Life-Changing Coffee

In addition to our Peruvian coffee, we have many other sustainable coffees that we’re confident you’ll love to try. Visit our online store to shop your favorite coffees, try something new, and join the Generous family today!


Q: Where in Peru is this coffee from?

A: This light roast coffee is ethically sourced from the Cajamarca region of Peru. Located in the country's northern highlands, this region features a diverse array of coffees that will bring a nuanced flavor to every cup you brew.

Q: How should I brew light roast Peruvian coffee?

A: This light-roasted coffee is well suited to drip and iced brewing techniques, with its intense cacao and citrus flavors. This coffee will also brew a delicious espresso with plenty of acidity and brightness. Be sure to buy this Peruvian coffee whole bean for the best flavor!

Q: How does this coffee support its community?

A: As with all of our Generous products, all of the profits we make selling Generous products go directly to nonprofits around the world, bringing help to those in need. With each bag of Generous coffee purchased, we take one step closer to a brighter future.