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Generous Artist Feature

Coffee Bag Print Collection

Generous Artist Print Collection:

The Art Of Sharing Stories Over Coffee

Kindness is a beautiful expression that can take many forms. Here at Generous, we celebrate creativity because we believe art has the power to transform, illuminate, educate, and inspire. We realized that our coffee bags can serve as the canvas to share some of those stories. When you purchase from us, not only do 100% of the profits go back towards nonprofits around the world, you’ll also receive an impactful piece of artwork! After you’ve enjoyed all of your coffee, you can easily open up the bag to reveal a beautiful piece of art that you can keep forever. Check out our latest bags and their stories below. We welcome you to apply (or nominate a friend) to be our next featured artist, submit your application here.

Bag #1 – "Perseo"

Perseus was the only son of Zeus, and is recognized as one of the greatest heroes in Greek mythology. He is most renowned for beheading Medusa, and then using her severed head as a mighty weapon in his subsequent adventures. He was a demigod known for encompassing traits of being brave, persistent, intelligent, and a strong fighter. He has a good heart because he helps people without exchange or service. Those are traits we celebrate at Generous. Let us all give because we can, not for what we will get in return!

Bag #2 – “Poseidon Lefko”

When it comes to Greek mythology, Poseidon, known as "earth shaker" is recognized as a god of the sea who was hot blooded and vengeful. He was kind at times, which is when the sea was calm. His mood was a reflection of the state of his realm. We all have been put in this world to be 'earth shakers'. We should stir up the things that bother us, and fight for them. For us at Generous, that fight is towards ending the injustices that surround us. Since we believe in the power of the ripple effect, we believe that if we can change one persons life, that one person, has the power to be an 'earth shaker' that changes millions of lives to come.

Bag #3 – “Tres Gracias Colores”

Charites, known in Greek mythology as The Three Graces, were the personifications of charm, beauty, and creativity. Together, the three embodied brightness, slender, beauty, good cheer, mirth, and joyfulness. Their main role summed up was to give joy and the feeling of well-being to people in general. At Generous, we strive to create a similar community that allows people to feel empowered in their generosity. A culture of love and belonging that we hope inspires you to share that same brightness with those around you.