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Generous Artist Feature

Coffee Bag Print Collection

Generous Artist Print Collection:

The Art Of Sharing Stories Over Coffee

Kindness is a beautiful expression that can take many forms. Here at Generous, we celebrate creativity because we believe art has the power to transform, illuminate, educate, and inspire. We realized that our coffee bags can serve as the canvas to share some of those stories. When you purchase from us, not only do 100% of the profits go back towards nonprofits around the world, you’ll also receive an impactful piece of artwork! After you’ve enjoyed all of your coffee, you can easily open up the bag to reveal a beautiful piece of art that you can keep forever. Check out our latest bags and their stories below. We welcome you to apply (or nominate a friend) to be our next featured artist, submit your application here.

Bag #1 – Hannah’s House

Hannah Turgeon was a part of the Generous community before she was tragically taken from us in 2019. Hannah used to create cards, sell them on Etsy, and donate the profits back to Humanity and Hope United. Hers is a truly meaningful story to launch the Generous artist print series. It was a joy to look through Hannah’s photos, and especially spend time studying her as I worked. I chose this picture because of the beautiful light that is reflecting on her from the sun, but also through her, by her spirit.

We all feel connected to her story and stay encouraged by the legacy of joy and serving that she has left. It’s my hope that this painting helps to celebrate and honor Hannah’s life. There will be a house built in La Cuchilla in Honduras in her name – and so this piece was titled “Hannah’s House”. How fitting that it is painted with Honduras Las Capucas blend coffee.

Bag #2 – “Band Together”

If you know horses, you know they like to be with other horses. Should you have a horse alone, you need to establish a special care routine for the mental health of your very social animal - they just need each other. As I painted, this composition reminded me of the way, we as people need each other, too. The gift of being together – despite differences, risks and challenges. In this piece, I aimed to direct the contrast and movement, as the coffee splashes and the mane’s wisp in the wind. I’d invite the viewer to enter, and dream what they will.

Bag #3 – “Cake Kilometers” & “Life’s Evening Sun”

Two paintings in one, but these two are one story.  This is Raymond and Verna Daae, a couple to personify good hospitality and excellent generosity. A farmer’s livelihood depends on many factors out of his control, and the stress of timing can strain relationships.  But a choice was made on this farm: to make their house a home.  To welcome the stranger - to take time for the needs of people first - trusting God to provide for the needs of the field. Grandpa had a song for every occasion, a ready invitation to coffee with a curious interest in everyones story. Grandma had an open kitchen and a listening ear, in fact over the years she had made enough chocolate cake to span over 1.3 kilometers, if you placed the pans end to end. Men like him restore confidence that can change your course. Women like her are the real architects of society.