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Tasting Notes:

Savory and citric with a creamy mouthfeel, almond and green pepper flavors.

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Based on your bag selection, we will donate proceeds to the non-profit organization associated with that bag. Learn more.

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No mold &

Sustainable Honduran Coffee Beans

The Honduran is a delicious medium roast and a favorite enjoyed by many of our Generous customers. Our Honduran coffee beans are sourced from different regions across Honduras, a country known for growing some of the world’s finest beans. As part of our mission, we are proud to ethically source our coffees exclusively from independent producers.
The Honduran is a medium roast that has notes of sweet chocolate, nuts and soft cherry. It’s not gentle enough to be light, but not strong enough to be dark; the Honduran sits comfortably in the middle. We deliver premium quality beans that can be brewed in a variety of ways: Aeropress, French press, pour over, cold brewed, latte, or whatever else your preference may be.

Shop Generous Honduran Coffee and More Online 

At Generous Coffee, we offer premium, single-origin beans. Our specialty coffee is rich, delicious, and smooth. Drink it, share it, gift it, receive it - Generous Coffee is coffee with a mission to do good and spread good. 100% of profits earned go to our partner organizations that help people and communities in need. While you relax with your coffee, you’re making the world a better place!

Buy Honduran Coffee & Receive a Gift!

With each 12 oz. coffee purchase, whether you’re buying our Honduran coffee beans or another favorite, your bag will be decorated in artwork from one of our Generous Artists. Gather all three unique designs, and learn more about the story behind the artwork. These thought-provoking pieces of art are inspired by our artist’s culture; marvelous works that go beyond coffee. Gather some insight into the artist’s perspective and process. Strike up a conversation with colleagues, friends, and loved ones over a hot cup of coffee, or cold!

More Generous Cups

Aside from our Honduran, we have a variety of sustainable coffees to suit all kinds of taste preferences. Explore our offerings, pick out your favorites, and join the Generous movement today!