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Generous Coffee

Golden City

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Type: 12 oz Whole Bean

Bag Design: Surprise me!

Signature Blend: Golden City

Golden City is one of our signature blends. Designed to produce a well-balanced drink, Golden City features hints of raspberry, nougat, and citrus. This medium roast coffee is often used to brew espresso. It has a syrupy body, balanced brightness, and a sweet finish. 

Golden City was named to celebrate Golden Colorado, a place that is a big part of Generous Coffee's history. 

Brewing Towards a Better Future

Golden City is crafted from specialty grade beans from regions in Brazil, Mexico, and Ethiopia. Generous Coffee is committed to ethical sourcing practices. This means that we prioritize the welfare of coffee farmers and their communities throughout the supply chain.

Like every purchase from Generous Coffee, when you purchase this blend, we donate 100% of our profits to organizations that work hard to fight injustices that communities and humans face throughout the world. 

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