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Generous Coffee

The Higgins

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Type: 12 oz Whole Bean

Bag Design: Surprise me!

Our Signature Dark Roast Coffee Blend

Introducing "The Higgins," an exquisite dark roast blend named after our esteemed President and co-founder, Ben Higgins. Every sip of this rich roast is a journey into the heart of coffee excellence. It's no surprise that The Higgins has become our most popular roast.

Sourced from the high-altitude regions of Honduras and the sun-kissed plantations of Mexico, The Higgins is a carefully curated blend that harmonizes the distinct characteristics of each origin. As you indulge in this robust brew, your palate will be greeted by notes of dark chocolate and caramelized sugar. 

The craftsmanship of The Higgins does not go unnoticed. It is both our darkest and most beloved roast. Crafted with passion and precision, this blend delivers a syrupy body that envelops your senses, creating a luscious and indulgent experience. Amidst the bold darkness, a subtle brightness emerges, adding depth and complexity to the flavor profile.

With decadent notes of dark chocolate and caramelized sugar, The Higgins begs to be paired with indulgent treats that complement its richness. For a sweet pairing we suggest a velvety chocolate lava cake or a classic tiramisu. If you prefer something savory, consider a sharp, aged Gouda or a creamy blue cheese. The robust flavors of the cheese stand up to the coffee's boldness, creating a delightful contrast that elevates both the coffee and the cheese.


“We have a limited amount of time on this earth, and I wanted to work for and with people and organizations that wanted to make an impact. Generous Coffee has been that company.” 

- Co-Founder & President, Ben Higgins

We Deliver More Than Just Coffee

With each purchase at Generous Coffee, you will receive a piece of artwork from our very own featured Generous Artist. These unique designs go beyond just coffee, transforming the bag into a beautiful canvas and reflection of the artist’s culture! Gather each design, and learn more about the story behind the bag.

And while you’re enjoying your premium coffee blend, you can sip happily knowing that the profits we earn will go to one of our partner organizations that will help communities in need. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is special about The Higgins?

A: Originally called the Obsidian, this coffee was renamed after our co-founder and president, Ben Higgins. Consisting of both Caturra and Typica varietals of coffee, The Higgins is a uniquely balanced and flavorful dark roast blend.

Q: What is the best way to brew The Higgins?

A: The Higgins is an ideal coffee for French Press, which will accentuate its bold chocolate flavors. We suggest using 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 oz. cup of coffee, or 30 grams of coffee for every 500 milliliter brew.

Q: What are the flavor notes in the Higgins?

A: The Higgins features notes of chocolate, caramelized sugar, and sweet cherry. Brewing the Higgins with a French Press will result in stronger chocolate and dark caramel notes, while brewing as espresso will punch up the fruity cherry notes, ideal for lattes and cappuccinos.

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