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The Higgins

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The Higgins (formerly known as Obsidian) is the darkest blend we offer, and our most popular! It is designed to produce a syrupy body, subtle brightness, and a sweet finish. You'll find tasting notes of caramelized sugar and dark chocolate! This blend was renamed after our President and Co-Founder, Ben Higgins who wanted to share this: “For me Generous was a business started with the desire to be involved with human stories. I wanted to start something that formed stories that matter. We have a limited amount of time on this earth, and I wanted to work for and with people/organizations that wanted to make an impact. Generous has been that company. The community it creates and the other incredible people we have been able to meet through working with Generous helps me see humans while they are working on their passions. The biggest impact has been on people from all different backgrounds, stories, places, pains, and sorrows." Roast: Dark 

Start a subscription today and commit to three orders, and you will get a free Kaffe Coffee Grinder on us! When signing up for your subscription, simply add the grinder to your cart, use the code NEWSUBSCRIPTION, stay on for three orders, and the cost of the grinder is on us!

When you order this bag of The Higgins, not only do you get 12 ounces of craft-roasted coffee, you'll also receive an impactful piece of artwork from our Generous Artist: PichiAvo! After you’ve enjoyed all the coffee, open up the bag to reveal a beautiful piece of art to keep forever! You can find the story behind each bag here. (The three designs are not coffee specific, which means each order is a fun surprise on which design you'll receive!)


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