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The Fuller

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We are excited to have this new blend in our lineup! The Fuller delivers a mixture of strong fruity flavors with a reassuring backbone of chocolate, resulting in a blend that delivers on every possible level. This blend was named after one of our Co-Founders, Riley Fuller who wanted to share this: “Generous has taught me how to chase beautiful dreams. I didn't want to start Generous because the world needed another coffee company, I started it because I loved coffee and I believed it could be important in the fight for justice. Generous Coffee connects people, communities, ideas, and dreams from all arenas of life that should never otherwise be connected. That makes coffee the perfect tool for revolution, and turns coffee drinkers into revolutionaries. The biggest impact comes from the community of Ambassadors. They are interesting, inspiring, generous, and constantly remind me that Generosity is best lived in community. I love watching the way they support each other and make the world better by relentlessly investing generosity into themselves and others. Roast: Light

When you order The Fuller, not only do you get 12 ounces of craft-roasted coffee, you'll also receive an impactful piece of artwork from our Generous Artist: PichiAvo! After you’ve enjoyed all the coffee, open up the bag to reveal a beautiful piece of art to keep forever! You can find the story behind each bag here. (The three designs are not coffee specific, which means each order is a fun surprise on which design you'll receive!)