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Type: 12 oz Whole Bean

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Specialty-Grade Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Ethiopia’s Guji light roast is mellow with praline and fresh citrus. It has a mild fresh stone fruit and graham flavors. This region of Ethiopia features a roast that has a clean fruit-like sweetness and balanced acidity. Great for people who want a gentle morning boost or a late afternoon refresher.
This light roast is sourced from the region of Guji in Ethiopia. Generous Coffee works only with independent coffee producers to guarantee that our coffees are both ethically-sourced and of the finest quality.


Buy Ethiopian Coffee to Support the World

Generous Coffee is ethical coffee - it makes an impact from the moment the seed is planted to the moment you enjoy your cup. When you buy Ethiopian coffee or any of our other roasts, you’re not only supporting the work of local coffee producers, but you’re also supporting the production of sustainable, ethically-sourced coffee Generous Coffee is committed to ethical sourcing practices. This means that we prioritize the welfare of coffee farmers and their communities throughout the supply chain.

Like every purchase from Generous Coffee, when you purchase these Ethiopian beans, we donate 100% of our profits to organizations that work hard to fight injustices that communities and humans face throughout the world. 


Buy Ethiopian Beans in Bulk

Craft-roasted Ethiopian beans can be enjoyed at any time and for any occasion. Share your favorite light roast with your co-workers, serve it to your guests, or hand it out as favors during your next event. Generous Coffee offers Ethiopia, along with 9 other single-origin or signature blended roasts, as a wholesale option.


Generous Coffee Wholesale makes it possible for you to buy specialty-grade coffee beans in bulk. 


Drink Life-Changing Coffee

By purchasing this coffee you are changing lives around the world and for that we say thank you.

Thank you for making the choice to buy beans that make a difference in the world. The more you buy coffee from us the more people we can help.

We could not donate as much to nonprofits or buy coffee from small farmers as often if it weren't for you. 


Your generosity matters.


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