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OG Remix T-Shirt - Mineral Dyed Tee

Allmade makes apparel that puts the needs of people and planet first, creating a positive impact you can feel great about.

We are proud to exclusively offer apparel made by Allmade that features our own unique designs printed by Merchy Me 



This t-shirt features one of our original t-shirt designs...but with a twist! A perfect pick for anyone who has been a long time Generous supporter.
This t-shirt was dyed with minerals. Allmade uses a sustainable dye system that uses Earth's natural pigments to create the gorgeous colors you see here.
This unique way of dying t-shirts saves water, saves energy, and is overall better for our planet. 

The man featured in the images in wearing a size small

This t-shirt comes in Golden Wheat or Lichen Green.
You can find a size chart and care guide in the tabs above.

This shirt saves an estimated 64 gallons of water.

Are you DYING to know which minerals were used?!

Golden Wheat is dyed with Orange Barite. This mineral was first recorded in 1800! It was named for the Greek word meaning “heavy”, due to its high specific gravity. Meditating with this stone will push one to operate on a higher frequency and can cause increased lucid dreaming, E.S.P., and “deja vu” moments.


Lichen Green uses Green Calcite. Green Calcite is a mineral formed during sedimentation. When holding this mineral, it is known to relieve unneeded stress.


For best results, hand wash or machine wash inside out.

Color: Golden Wheat

Size: XS

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