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Love One


In remote areas of Uganda, many families don’t have access to reliable medical treatment. As a result, when children in these communities become critically ill, it renders families hopeless with no options for care. At Love One International, they seek to assist families in getting their children the medical help they need. They receive cases of malnourished children and coordinate emergency access to healthcare at the hospital. Once the child is medically stable, they transfer them to the Love One Center where they serve the family in two primary ways: one, in the full physical recuperation of the child and, two, in providing their parents education on basic healthcare, nutrition and hygiene. Throughout the process of care, Love One's goal is to restore health, reunite families, and invest in communities.

Love One offers ongoing support through nutritional education, emotional and spiritual care. Their hope is for every person that comes through the Love One program to feel the love of Jesus Christ, our ultimate Healer.