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Only 7 Seconds


Only7Seconds is a nonprofit on a mission to address the loneliness epidemic through system-changing solutions. They do this by empowering and equipping individuals and partners to connect with people who matter in their lives and inspire their communities to do the same.

Loneliness impacts all aspects of life, particularly health and wellness. When we lack human connection, our physical, emotional, social, and mental health all suffer. Youth are particularly susceptible and vulnerable to loneliness, with research showing a staggering 79% of youth report feeling lonely frequently.

Research also shows that real, meaningful connection is a solution to the epidemic of loneliness. To end loneliness, every person must have a sense of belonging and significance which is why our work is focused on cultivating a culture of connection. They do this primarily through the implementing the Connection Curriculum and the power of storytelling, through the I Know Lonely Project. By sharing stories, they remind people that they are not alone in the experiences they face and provide opportunities for empathy and connection.