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Mexico Cristal


Tasting Notes:

Sweet and savory with fruit acidity and cocoa flavor.

Roast Level:

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Based on your bag selection, we will donate proceeds to the non-profit organization associated with that bag. Learn more.

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100% Profits
to Charity

Coffee with
a Purpose

Discounts Available


Sourced from
Independent Producers

No Mold

Speciality Grade Mexican Coffee Beans

Our Mexico Cristal blend features notes of almond, citrus, and cocoa. This medium roast sits right in the middle - perfect for coffee enthusiasts who seek a balanced and refreshing boost, but not overpowering. Mexico Cristal has a thick, rich body - a delicious brew for every day. 

We only source our coffees from independent coffee producers, ensuring that our customers receive ethically-sourced coffee. When you buy our Mexican coffee, you’re helping communities in need - 100% of profits are dedicated to humanitarian organizations, helping them carry out their philanthropic missions around the world. That isn’t just Generous Coffee, that’s life-changing coffee.

Buy Generous Mexican Coffee Online

Our coffee has a mission, and that is helping others. Drink it, share it, or gift it, Generous Coffee delivers a delicious, yet meaningful experience with each cup. Our coffee can be prepared and enjoyed however you like: French press, Aeropress, pour over, cold brewed, latte, or more.

Coffee With a Purpose

With each Mexican coffee bean purchase, you’re helping make a difference in the world. Generous Coffee is in the business of promoting positive change, and when you buy our coffee, you’re helping make something beneficial and positive happen in the world. Coffee drinking accessories and apparel are also available for purchase at Generous Coffee, allowing you to share your love for Generous while you enjoy your brew. It’s never a bad idea to look stylish while spreading good in the world.

Drink Life-Changing Coffee

Aside from our Mexican coffee beans, we offer a wide variety of craft coffees suitable for any coffee enthusiast. Light, medium, or dark roasted, our stock features classic and unique flavors that can be prepared according to your preference. Wholesale options are available. Interested in becoming part of the Generous Community? Check out our Generous Ambassador program.


Q: What is in the Mexico Cristal blend?

A: The Mexico Cristal blend is a medium roast coffee blend consisting of coffee beans from various parts of Mexico, including Oaxaca, Veracruz, and Chiapas. This brings a deeply nuanced and unique flavor to the blend, resulting in a balanced and easily drinkable cup.

Q: What is the best way to brew this coffee?

A: As a medium roast, this coffee can be brewed in any variety of ways you’d like! Almond and citrus flavors shine in an espresso brew, while the cocoa's sweet and dark notes will stand boldly in a French press. Whichever way you brew, the Mexican coffee you buy will be delicious.

Q: How does this coffee aid its community?

A: At Generous, we believe in making a more connected and supportive world. To that end, all of the profits we make go directly to nonprofits in communities around the world, bringing aid and support to communities around the world who are struggling.