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Highlight Hope Bundle


Based on your bag selection, we will donate proceeds to the non-profit organization associated with that bag. Learn more.

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About The Bundle

Each bag in our Highlight Hope Art Bag Collection was created by a different nonprofit who is working hard to fight injustices facing humans around the world. When you purchase a bag of coffee we give you the option to select the bag design you wish to receive. But, when you select the design you are also selecting which nonprofit gets 100% of the profits from your purchase.

That's right! 100% of the profits from your purchase will go directly to the nonprofit you select. So, what happens if you can't decide which nonprofit you want to support? The answer is simple, you choose them all! With the purchase of this 1 bundle you are able to give back to each nonprofit in our Highlight Hope Collection.

This bundle also acts as a sampler pack! You will receive 1 of each of our most popular blends.

If you would like all coffee bags to be the same roast or you would like to choose the 4 different roasts, please reach out to us BEFORE you place your order. Email us at