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With so many different types of coffees out there, it can be hard to find the right roast for you. With this quiz, Generous can help you find your perfect coffee, making you a more experienced and judicious coffee consumer. This quiz is just a starting point, though; the coffee world is huge, and no two people taste coffee the same way. After the quiz, learn more about the origins and blends we have to offer, and the nonprofits they support — every bag of Generous Coffee sold is supporting a humanitarian organization around the world.

The questions asked below can always be useful when picking out your blend for the day, so use this quiz to learn more about yourself and your ideal match for a coffee you can drink! If you find more than one blend that fits your taste, check out our Coffee Subscriptions to order artfully created coffees monthly, delivered right to your doorstep.

Coffee Quiz

Drink Life-Changing Coffee

Generous Coffee wants to make a difference around the world. By partnering with socially conscious companies, our large variety of coffees can serve to support mothers in Haiti, give water to villages in the Central African Republic, and develop communities and knowledge through coffee worldwide. Though Generous Coffee is for profit, we are also for purpose, meaning every dollar of our profits go towards non-profit organizations that help communities that need it all over the globe. Supporting Generous Coffee through your business, or becoming a Brand Ambassador, is an excellent way to make an impact around the globe, without only a small change in your daily life. Take our coffee match quiz and discover your new favorite Generous Coffee today!