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Coffee 101

New to Coffee or a Seasoned Pro...What to order at a Coffee Shop?

NEW TO COFFEE OR A SEASONED PRO. WHAT TO ORDER AT A COFFEE SHOP?      Have you ever been to a coffee shop and have nooo clue what to order? Or maybe you always get the same thing and want to spice it up.       We all start somewhere with our coffee journey. Looking back to when I first discovered the deliciousness of coffee, I was in high school and I LOADED it up with sweet creamers and added packets of sugar that made it pretty dang amazing in my eyes! Many people still love it this way, while others’ coffee tastes and preferences have changed over time.       So wherever you are, how sweet or creamy you like it, if you’re only a black coffee kinda guy/girl, or if you have NO IDEA what you like, keep on reading as we break down how to switch it up or find the coffee order that your taste buds are destined to go crazy for!      Before we get started...let's talk...MILKS:   ~Half and Half (half whole milk, half heavy cream)  ~Whole milk (standard latte/cappuccino milk choice)  ~Skim, 1%, 2% (the cafe may or may not have these options, expect a less creamer drink)  ~Almond milk and Coconut milk (usually less creamy/foamy) ~Oat milk (EASILY my favorite in a warm latte/cap, because it froths so well compared to other alternative milks)      Coffee Style Type 1:   Profile: You love a super creamy, pretty sweet coffee. People might say you "like a little coffee with your creamer". You don't love a strong coffee taste.  What to order:  Hot coffee: light roast (has less of a coffee taste). No light roast? Go for the medium roast and avoid the dark roast. Add all the cream/sugar. Iced coffee: iced coffee is basically chilled coffee that was originally brewed hot. This can give it a bit of a bitter taste compared to cold brew.  Add all the cream/sugar. Cold brew: less bitter than iced coffee, but can have a pretty strong coffee taste. The smooth aspect of cold brew is well worth the dollar up-charge!  Add all the cream/sugar. Speciality drinks:      Frappuccino: a blended sugar rush that will taste more like a coffee milkshake, Need I say more?  Caramel Macchiato: sweet and creamy. A good "go to" for a sweet coffee drinker Any latte (hot or cold): pick your favorite syrup and milk of choice      Mere's recommendations:   Iced: Caramel Macchiato   Hot: Mocha with Oat Milk or flavored Latte with Oat Milk    ***Pro Tip: Ask the barista how sweet they usually make their lattes/how sweet the syrups are. You can always ask them to do an extra shot of syrup or do half the amount.  Coffee Style Type 2:  Profile: You likely drink your coffee with some creamer, either half and half or a sweetened creamer like hazelnut or French Vanilla. You like an occasional latte, but a sweet frap is a little tooo sweet. Black coffee, isn't quiteeee enjoyable for you, because creamer is a true blessing to this world.    What to order:    Hot Coffee: medium roast. Often this is their house blend. A dark roast can also be a great option if you're feeling a stronger coffee taste. Add your desired cream/sugar. You can also ask for a shot of syrup if you're missing a sweet creamer. Iced Coffee: Great alone. Add cream, milk, sugar or a shot of syrup if you want. Cold brew:   Speciality drinks:   Mere's recommendations:    ·      Iced coffee:    Add cream and/or a shot of your fav syrup.   ·      Cold brew:   Cold brew quality of cold brew is higher and often you really only pay less than a dollar to get a cold brew instead of iced coffee (totally worth it). Add cream and/or a shot of your fav syrup   ·      Specialty drinks:      1.     Hot or Iced latte with half the amount of syrup the baristas usually add.   2.     Café au lait (Instead of a latte that has ¾ milk and ¼ espresso, try a café au lait which is ½ hot coffee and ½ steamed milk. This will save you $1-2 dollars and tastes very similar)      Mere’s recommendation:    ·      Iced: Cold brew with cream     ·      Hot: Café au lait with oat milk and half the amount of a syrup (hazelnut or anything cinnamon are my fav)         COFFEE DRINKER TYPE 3:        Profile: 2 words: Hard. Core. You don’t dare want to ruin the taste of your coffee by adding creamer and sugar. You like that drinking it black lets you really tell the difference in the different coffees you like and don’t like.         What to order:    ·      Hot coffee:   Their medium-dark roast.     ·      Cold brew:   Cold brew quality of cold brew is higher and often you really only pay less than a dollar to get a cold brew instead of iced coffee (totally worth it).   ·      Specialty drinks:     1.     Americano-1 parts espresso to 2 parts water 2.     Pour over coffee: individually brewed by a barista for an extra fresh cup of coffee that uses high quality beans      Mere’s recommendation:   ·      Iced: Americano or Cold Brew   ·      Hot: Single Origin pour over (Single origin means all the beans came from one single geographic location, not multiple countries. This often means a higher quality bean and better flavor. However, you can absolutely have an amazing pour over that is a blend  AND THAT'S A WRAP! Hopefully this helped ease your mind about finding the right coffee order for you!   Meredith Gilmore 

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