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Generous Community Welcomes You

Written by Ben Higgins


Posted on December 06 2022

To the Generous Coffee Lifestyle Blog

We have been up and running for over three years now, and came to the realization that we need a place to share news, updates, brew tips, inspiration guides, and the beautiful stories that you, our supporters, keep sharing about the impact Generous and the Generous Coffee lifestyle is making within communities scattered across the world. Thus, we’ve created the Generous Coffee blog: a place for people to soak in the coffee lifestyle and learn about the impact our Generous community is making around the world.

The Generous Coffee blog features stories of impact, how your purchase is creating change, the best ways to brew coffee, how to make delicious lattes at home, fun recipes, coffee tips and education, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and everything in between. We thought we would kick off this first post with a little bit about who Generous is, and how we came to be.

people walking down a street wearing Generous-branded clothing

The Seed Was Planted

In 2010, Generous’ main partner, Humanity and Hope United, was created to help the people of Honduras overcome challenges and prosper. President of H&H, Riley Fuller, and Board Member, Ben Higgins, had a conversation centered around sustainable fundraising during a trip to Honduras. A friend at the dinner table questioned Higgins and Fuller what they would do if their fundraising for H&H were to ever run out. This friend challenged Higgins and Fuller to come up with an alternative to their existing fundraising strategy - a crucial backup, a second source of funds to keep the H&H mission fully operational. 

That thought provoking conversation led Higgins and Fuller to a coffee farm during the summer of 2017. It was during their trip that they learned about coffee production methods, the hard work that went into producing a single cup of coffee, and the effort of the individuals who work in coffee production. Higgins and Fuller wanted to sell this coffee not only because it was delicious, rich, and smooth, but they wanted to donate the profits back to the hardworking coffee producers. They wanted the workers to be compensated fairly. They wanted to drink sustainable coffee and they wanted to make sustainable coffee available to consumers around the world.

More Than A Business - A Coffee Lifestyle

Higgins and Fuller returned to the United States with the goal to start a for-profit business that was also a for-purpose business. Thus, Generous Coffee was brought to life and the two founders pledged that 100% of profits from Generous Coffee and apparel would be donated to nonprofits fighting global injustices.

Generous Coffee’s first preorder coffee campaign launched in October 2017. It was a complete success, allowing Higgins and Fuller to officially launch to the public Generous Coffee in January of 2018. 

For the Generous Coffee co-founders, Higgins and Fuller, the for-profit, for-purpose business quickly became more than an initiative to serve up good coffee. The two founders have been blown away by the Generous community that has been cultivated through the customer base and Ambassador Program. Every day, Generous receives stories about changes that are unfolding in communities or experiences from volunteer efforts. Generous had an important role in projects that created jobs for women in Honduras, built clinics for residents in Haiti, donated coffee to an array of events, and more! And not to mention, we’ve received incredible reviews from our loyal customers about how much they love our coffee!

 Generous ambassadors working in Honduras

A Thriving Generous Community

Generous Coffee quickly evolved from being a coffee business into something deeper and more nuanced: a coffee lifestyle. Aside from holding a cup of ethically-sourced, delicious coffee, the Generous mission is in full play - something positive is happening in a community as a result of your purchases. 

We recognize that none of this would be possible without YOUR support. Here at Generous, we are very mindful of that, and keep you at the center of all our decisions.

Coffee is easily accessible - it’s available in the workplace, overflowing on grocery store shelves, and propped up on every street corner. You may be thinking that another coffee shop in the mix makes the industry even more saturated. That is why Generous Coffee exists to change the lives of those around us, for the better. We believe that if you are going to buy coffee, it should be quality, life-changing coffee. We believe that a coffee lifestyle should be more than just convenient or trendy; it should be purposeful.

Generosity isn’t about how much we have, nor is it proven in a single act - the true spirit of generosity is a lifestyle. We want to encompass this belief in a brand, and give people a place to buy things they believe in from top to bottom. Generous is proud to not just be a coffee brand - we’re a lifestyle, and we’re excited to use this blog space to share that with you!



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