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Generous Ambassador Program

A community of like-minded people changing the world

Generous Ambassador Program

A community of like-minded people changing the world

Generous Ambassador Program

A community of like-minded people changing the world


Do you want to live a more Generous life?

We believe in the power of the ripple effect; that if we can change one person's life, that one person has the power to change millions of lives to come. This program was created with this in mind.

The Generous Brand Ambassador Program is designed...

1. To connect one another in community. Each ambassador has a different story to tell, but what we have in common is our passion to create a world that is more Generous. This common ground leads to a community full of supportive, loving, and passionate individuals.

2. To encourage you to inspire others with your actions. We are a movement of "doers" not an audience. We believe that your acts of generosity can inspire acts of generosity throughout the world.

3. To help you live a more Generous life. This program exists to support you on your journey toward a more Generous purpose in life.

4. Your commitment to this program means you are saying “yes, I want to make this world a more Generous place."

When we first appeared on the scene back in 2018, we only had three different kinds of coffee, a couple shirts, and a dream. As we continued to share who we were and how we were investing back into nonprofits around the globe, we started gaining traction and interest from lots of different people. Quickly, messages began to pour in from the Generous Coffee community with people asking for ways to volunteer, spread the word, or otherwise get involved in life-changing coffee. Initially, we didn’t know where to place each person, but we still wanted to give everyone a chance to become part of our movement. To fix this, we developed our Brand Ambassador Program, to enable our community to get involved in whatever capacity they could manage.

The Ambassador Program first launched at the end of 2018 with about 20 people from around the USA who believed in what Generous was doing. With this small team, we were able to develop an operational structure and organization that helped achieve the goals we were looking to fulfill. It took some time, but once we felt confident in what we were doing (and continued to receive responses from customers and volunteers looking to join the program), we opened up our Generous Brand Ambassador Program to the public at the start of 2019.

Enjoy the Benefits of the Generous Lifestyle

Joining the Generous Brand Ambassador Program can be beneficial to an Ambassador’s own life, too! In addition to Generous opportunities that Ambassadors regularly experience, they will also get discounts on Generous products, a new community of friends and colleagues, and opportunities for competitions with fun prizes! Ambassadors also gain the ability to contribute to new ideas, serve their community, engage in video chats and happy hours with the team, and drink life-changing coffee — with many more opportunities to come!

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Our Ambassadors stay in contact with us every day, and regularly help us improve and grow our program with their feedback, commitment, and expertise. Check out the video below to hear from existing Brand Ambassadors what they love about the program.

We have truly been blown away by the impact, growth, and community we have seen so far through this program. Responses from our Ambassadors and those who our Ambassadors have helped have been glowing, and inform every step of the process. The Generous Coffee Brand Ambassador Program and the successes of our life-changing coffee couldn’t exist without the hard work of our Ambassador team, and it only gets better every day. Though we have certainly enjoyed great success, we hope and dream to continue to cultivate a supportive and thoughtful community of caring people, and connect them with opportunities to be Generous within their neighborhood.