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Stay Cool: How to Enjoy Cold Coffee During the Hottest Months

Written by Sara Wells


Posted on July 10 2024

For the devoted hot coffee drinker, the allure of a steaming cup of black coffee is undeniable. But when summer hits and temperatures soar past 90 degrees, it can be tough to maintain your usual coffee routine without breaking a sweat. Fear not! Transitioning to cold coffee can be just as satisfying, and it doesn’t have to involve complex concoctions or sugary add-ons. Here’s how you can stay caffeinated and cool during the hottest months.

Simplify Your Iced Coffee

You might associate iced coffee and cold brew with elaborate drinks topped with whipped cream and flavored syrups, but they don’t have to be complicated. A simple iced coffee or cold brew can be just as delightful as your usual hot cup. Start with high-quality coffee beans—like those from Generous Coffee—and let the natural flavors shine through.

Invest in the Right Equipment

One of the best investments you can make as a budding cold coffee drinker is a reusable cold drink cup. Look for one that’s insulated to prevent condensation on the outside. This keeps your hands dry and your drink cold for longer. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly choice that reduces waste from single-use cups.
Another great investment is a pitcher designed to brew and store your cold brew. This makes preparing and enjoying your cold brew hassle-free! Making cold brew at home is incredibly easy and convenient. Prepare it the night before, let it steep overnight, and in the morning it'll be ready to enjoy! Check out our guide to making cold brew at home.

Enhance the Flavor with Cold Foam

If you’re still not sold on the taste of plain cold coffee, consider adding some cold foam on top. Cold foam is simply milk frothed without heat, creating a creamy, airy topping that adds a touch of magic to your drink. You can use your favorite type of milk—whether it’s dairy, almond, oat, or another alternative. This simple addition can make a big difference, enhancing the texture and flavor of your drink. 

PRO TIP: add a little cinnamon to your milk before you froth it up!

Enjoy Your Summer Coffee Experience

Transitioning from hot coffee to cold doesn’t have to be drastic; you just need to discover how you best enjoy a cold drink in the morning. It may take some getting used to, and we can't guarantee you won't miss the cooler months, but we bet that learning to embrace iced coffee or cold brew is something you'll be grateful for this summer. Cheers to staying cool and caffeinated!
Photos by Lia Geiger



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