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Now is your chance to pre-order our next round of coffee bags before our September 18th launch! If you pre-order one of these bags please do not post about them until launch day (9/18/23).


**Please not that we are offering a limited selection for pre-orders. Whole bean only 


This new collection features designs by 4 different nonprofits. Each nonprofit designed a bag that highlights the incredible work that they do. 

100% of profits from the purchase of each bag will go directly to the nonprofit that designed the bag. 

Below you can learn about each nonprofit before selecting the design for you bag.

Brace for Impact 46

Brace for Impact 46 works with partners to touch over 40,000 lives per day in Haiti and St. Louis. At Brace for IMPACT 46, they demonstrate how giving back can enrich your life every bit as much as those you serve. Their goal is to IMPACT the lives of others. 
In Haiti, they support the IDADEE Children’s Home which provides care to 41 children; including shelter, clothing, food, education, Bible education and medical care. They also help fund the IDADEE School that provides education to 400+ students and employs 44 staff. They implemented the “Breaking Bread” program, which provide a hot nutritious meal each school day to students & staff and also provides them with back pack meals for the weekend. In addition, BFI46 supports CHIDA, the Medical Center, that provides care to thousands of people in the community. The entire community development program is Haitian-led.

In North St. Louis, Brace for Impact 46 has a partnership with Tabernacle Community Development Corporation to purchase and renovate North St. Louis homes. Through these renovations, they are able to employ local contractors at a 80% minority rate and have kept 96 workers steady jobs for 5 years. They then provide these homes to families to ensure stability, which will have a large IMPACT on their children. These families enroll in the program and are provided services to retain employment, gain financial freedom and launch their children on a successful trajectory.
Learn more about Brace for Impact 46 on their website

Love One International

In remote areas of Uganda, many families don’t have access to reliable medical treatment. As a result, when children in these communities become critically ill, it renders families hopeless with no options for care. At Love One International, they seek to assist families in getting their children the medical help they need. They receive cases of malnourished children and coordinate emergency access to healthcare at the hospital. Once the child is medically stable, they transfer them to the Love One Center where they serve the family in two primary ways: one, in the full physical recuperation of the child and, two, in providing their parents education on basic healthcare, nutrition and hygiene. Throughout the process of care, Love One's goal is to restore health, reunite families, and invest in communities.

Love One offers ongoing support through nutritional education, emotional and spiritual care. Their hope is for every person that comes through the Love One program to feel the love of Jesus Christ, our ultimate Healer.
Learn more about Love One International on their website.

One ATTA Time

Uniting people together to provide clean water, One ATTA Time.
One ATTA Time provides families around the world access to clean drinking water by
partnering with local leaders and equipping them to provide water filtration kits to those suffering from water related illnesses.

Their internal brand promise is to make a meaningful impact. They help people make a meaningful impact by building strong relationships with others, extending love and kindness and they also make a meaningful impact in the lives of others by giving them the opportunity to provide life essentials to those suffering from preventable diseases. 
Learn more about One ATTA Time on their website.

Only 7 Seconds

Only7Seconds is a nonprofit on a mission to address the loneliness epidemic through system-changing solutions. They do this by empowering and equipping individuals and partners to connect with people who matter in their lives and inspire their communities to do the same.

Loneliness impacts all aspects of life, particularly health and wellness. When we lack human connection, our physical, emotional, social, and mental health all suffer. Youth are particularly susceptible and vulnerable to loneliness, with research showing a staggering 79% of youth report feeling lonely frequently.

Research also shows that real, meaningful connection is a solution to the epidemic of loneliness. To end loneliness, every person must have a sense of belonging and significance which is why our work is focused on cultivating a culture of connection. They do this primarily through the implementing the Connection Curriculum and the power of storytelling, through the I Know Lonely Project. By sharing stories, they remind people that they are not alone in the experiences they face and provide opportunities for empathy and connection.
Learn more about Only 7 Seconds on their website.