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Tasting Notes:

Mellow and citric with praline and cocoa flavors.

Based on your bag selection, we will donate proceeds to the non-profit organization associated with that bag. Learn more.

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Coffee with
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No mold &

Specialty-Grade Coffee From Cajamarca

Our Peruvian coffee has a light profile that will start your day off right. Ethically-sourced from the Cajamarca region of Peru, this coffee is a pleasant-tasting
light roast featuring notes of cocoa, pralines, and sweet citrus. 
This Peruvian coffee pairs well with foods that are light and fruity but not too sweet. Sounds like we just described a pastry!
We love Peruvian coffee beans because they result in a light roast coffee that is always flavorful yet gentle in its taste profile. Our versatile Cajamarca coffee can be enjoyed hot or cold,
and is equally delicious with or without sweetener or creamer. This roast responds well to a variety of brewing methods such as AeroPress, French press, pour-over, or cold brew. 

Peruvian Coffee With Purpose

At Generous Coffee, we’re passionate about selling premium, single-origin coffee beans that make an impact in the world with each purchase.
We buy beans that are ethically sourced and support small coffee producers who follow sustainable practices. When you purchase any of the Generous Coffee roasts,
you can feel confident that you are making a difference because Generous always donates 100% of profits directly to nonprofit organizations that help people in need.
These beans from Peru are changing lives all over the world!

Give A Gift From Peru!

We offer beans from Peru in many different sizes so that you always have options when it's time to give gifts.
Package up a 4oz bag of Peru along with a couple other roasts in 4 oz bags to create a gift for someone new to coffee or buy a 5lbs bag of coffee and
create your own coffee samples for your entire group of friends and co-workers! Whatever the occasion, Peruvian coffee is a great gifting option.
For larger groups or events, consider creating a Generous Coffee Wholesale account.

Drink Life-Changing Coffee

By purchasing Peruvian coffee or any of our other roasts, you are changing lives around the world and for that we say thank you.
Thank you for making the choice to buy beans that make a difference in the world. The more you buy coffee from us the more people we can help.
We could not donate as much to nonprofits or buy coffee from small farmers as often if it weren't for you. 
Your generosity matters.