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Mexico Ozolotepec

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Drinking the finest coffees from Oaxaca is truly an experience. Grown amongst the boreal mountain-forests, Ozolotepec displays flavors that everyone, from the coffee newbie to the seasoned-drinker can appreciate. This single-variety selection highlights the distinct flavor only to be found in Oaxaca, excellently processed and produced by the Zapotec farmers of the Santa Cruz Ozolotepec community. In the cup expect sessionable notes of bold dark chocolate, smooth black walnuts, and snappy red grapes in the finish.  

Roast: Medium

When you order this bag of Mexico Ozolotepec, not only do you get 12 ounces of craft-roasted coffee, you'll also receive an impactful piece of artwork! After you’ve enjoyed all the coffee, open up the bag to reveal a beautiful piece of art to keep forever! You can find the story behind each bag here. (The three designs are not coffee specific, which means each order is a fun surprise on which design you'll receive!)


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