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Coffee + Traveler Gift Box


Based on your bag selection, we will donate proceeds to the non-profit organization associated with that bag. Learn more.

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A gift box any coffee lover will adore

This gift box includes 1 Welly Traveler and 1 bag of 12oz coffee. You've got options when it comes to the traveler and the coffee! Below are details about the 2 decisions you need to make before placing your order.

1. Choose your Welly Travelers: Groovy World Changer (left) Black World Changer (center) or Rainbow (right) 

3 Traveler Generous Coffee Mugs

2. Choose your coffee roast:

  • Decaf
  • Ethiopian
  • Golden City Espresso
  • Honduran
  • Light Colombian
  • Mexico Cristal
  • Peru
  • Rwandan
  • The Drew
  • The Fuller
  • The Higgins

Click here to learn more details about each roast.

Something to know:

You have the power to choose which design is on your coffee bag! You can see the designs we offer here. Each design was created by a different nonprofit. The design you choose determines which organization receives the profits from your order!

If you want to select one of our 4 designs, please let us know in the 'order notes' before checkout. If you don't have a preference we will select a design for you at random.


Corporate Gifting & Bulk Orders

Looking for a special gift with your unique branding attached? We can help! Contact us for information about customizing any gift box! Email us at