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Ampato Pour-Over + Kettle Set

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Now that you have your life-changing Generous Coffee, you need a way to brew it!
The Ulpu Pour-Over Brewer and Ariq Kettle is the ideal companion whether you are a coffee enthusiast or a true novice. Designed to master blending style, quality, and function. Remember, inspiration & creation can’t occur without a perfectly balanced cup of coffee. Use the code 'AMPATO' at checkout to get two free bags of Generous when you purchase this set! (Make sure to add the bags to your cart!)

Pour Over:
- High-quality borosilicate glass carafe and stainless steel filter
- Unique volcano shape made of ultra-durable borosilicate glass
- 16.9 oz (500ml) capacity, perfect for two cups of coffee

- Stainless steel construction with protective coating for longevity
- Thin, curved spout for extra precise pour & water flow
- Triple-Layered Bottom suitable for all heating elements
- Built-in Thermometer for optimal brewing temperature
- Wooden handle for a strong hold & ultimate heat protection