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June 2, 2022 Subscription Terms and Agreement

While supplies last, Generous International LLC is agreeing to offer a coffee grinder for all subscriptions purchased with the code 'NEWSUBSCRIPTION' starting June 2, 2022. In order to receive the coffee grinder, the subscription of Generous products needs to amount to at least 3 separate orders with delivery of coffee. If a person cancels the subscription before 3 deliveries are executed from the start date of subscription, Generous International LLC has the right to charge the purchaser’s credit card for the retail cost of the Kaffe Burr Coffee Grinder. To be clear, the purchaser will need to have 3 deliveries or more of the subscription to not be charged for the coffee grinder that is a part of this special campaign. By purchasing the subscription and using the code as a part of this special offer, the purchaser is agreeing to the terms of this campaign.  

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