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The Generous mission rings true, even with purchases of our apparel. With Generous Threads, you can look good while spreading the Generous message. 100% of our profits are donated to organizations that help communities in need. We aren’t in the business of fast fashion; like our coffee, this is fashion with a purpose.

Shop Generous Coffee Apparel

Our Generous Coffee clothing selection features a variety of pieces for cozy evenings and balmy mornings. Hoodies, t-shirts, crop tops, and more - we’ve got all the right pieces to perfect your look and stay comfortable in any weather. Great as a gift or an addition to your wardrobe, our Generous apparel helps spread our important mission. Craft-roasted coffee is enjoyed all year long, and so is our clothing selection!

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For Profit, For Purpose

Pair your coffee clothing with one of our signature roasts. If you’re arranging a gift set, our Trio Sampler Pack matches well alongside a hoodie, crop top, beanie, or pullover. If you’re already stocked up on our specialty coffee, check out Generous Coffee’s accessories, including indie coffee mugs, pour over sets, coffee grinders, and more.

Drink Life-Changing Coffee

At Generous Coffee, we’re proud to ethically source our coffees only from independent coffee producers, and we take additional pride in delivering our customers smooth, rich coffees. Whether you’re a cold brew fan, a lover of the latte, French press, Aeropress, or pour over, each of our signature coffees delivers a delicious, aromatic, and memorable experience. 100% of our profits go to humanitarian organizations, so whether you’re shopping for coffee clothing and apparel, indie coffee mugs, or one of our signature craft roasts, you can buy with confidence knowing that your money is supporting communities in need.