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Generous Coffee

The Drew

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A Fruity and Nutty Coffee Blend

The Drew is a Generous Coffee favorite, featuring notes of toasted almonds, dried fruits, and toffee. This signature nutty coffee blend is named after one of Generous Coffee’s Co-Founders, Drew Scholl.

“With a heart for sustainable change and impact, our desire was to create a revenue stream that would generate profits to help fund those efforts. It has been incredible to see the impact of the network and community of Generous followers that are living it out every day.” 

- Co-Founder, Drew Scholl

Craft Coffee Beans That Help Communities 

The Drew is a signature dark roast that boosts and soothes! This nutty coffee blend is rich and smooth in flavor. With your purchase, not only will 100% of profits be directed to our partner organizations, but you will receive artwork from beloved Generous Artist PichiAvo. Collect all three unique designs, and learn more about the story behind the artwork!

Join the Generous Movement

Drink it, share it, gift it, receive it - a cup of Generous Coffee can turn the conversation into a deep, meaningful exchange with a loved one or coworker. An invigorating cup of coffee can help you refocus your energy and put it toward something positive. Being generous makes people happy - and it is as simple as buying some craft coffee beans! If you’re interested in doing more, explore our Generous Ambassador program.

Drink Generously!

We have plenty of coffee varieties to suit a wide variety of tastes. One purchase can impact the lives of many. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your cup of coffee - and don’t forget to smile, you deserve it! You’ve just made a positive impact in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is special about The Drew?

A: This nutty coffee blend is named after one of the Generous co-founders, Drew Scholl. Consisting of a precise blend of Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, and Typica varietals, The Drew is a complex and flavorful dark roast coffee.

Q: What is the best way to brew The Drew?

A: As a particularly nuanced craft coffee, these beans are phenomenal when brewed as either a drip coffee or espresso. Espressos will feature a particularly rustic, old-world profile, while drips will accentuate the nutty, fruity notes of this coffee.

Q: What are the flavor notes in The Drew?

A: The Drew’s flavor profile features a balanced mixture of toasted almonds, dried cherry and raisin, and the subtle deep sweetness of toffee. These notes will shine alongside milk in either a drip coffee with cream, or an espresso-based latte.

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