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Generous Coffee

The Founder's Bundle

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About This Special Bundle

This bundle includes 3 different coffees, each with a name that represents the beginning of Generous! Named after our 3 founder's. Without our 3 generous founders and the love they share for giving back, Generous Coffee would not exist. We have so much love for these 3 men, we decided to name our 3 most popular roasts after them! 


  1. 1 bag (12oz or 16oz) of The Higgins, named after co-founder Ben Higgins (dark roast)
  2. 1 bag (12oz or 16oz) of The Drew, named after co-founder Drew Scholl (dark roast)
  3. 1 bag (12oz or 16oz) of The Fuller, named after co-founder Riley Fuller (light roast)

Save when you buy the bundle! Through your purchase of this bundle you'll get 3 of our favorite roasts at a discounted price. 

Art Bags

Your purchase will always go to a nonprofit who works hard to fight injustices around the world. But, did you know that each of our 4 bag designs is highlighting a nonprofit we have partnered with for our Highlight Hope Campaign. In this bundle you will be getting 1 of each coffee bag design. Learn more about Highlight Hope.

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