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It's Not About the Coffee - backup

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It's Not About the Coffee

It’s Not About the Coffee.  Your Monday morning self may disagree, but it’s not about the coffee. Yes, Generous is a coffee company, so that may sound crazy; but let me tell you why it’s not.    

As a recent business school grad, one thing I noticed while talking to people is that mostly all of them view business as a money hungry profession full of sharks and stubborn men in suits. Because this stereotype seemed so dominant, I found a new passion blooming in quite the opposite direction. Business can be used for so much good. Not for-profit, but for-people.  Generous is the perfect example of this and exactly the kind of company I knew I wanted to align myself with.  

   Is our coffee awesome? Ohhhhhh yeah. But what pulls most of us to Generous isn’t the coffee itself – which is simply a catalyst to greater good. The profit from each product that Generous sells is sowed back into their communities to multiply goodness.  The average coffee farmer lives on $1.66 a day. Generous serves not only to pay its farmers fairly, but also to give back to their communities, and promote job growth to sustain their future. 

 As Americans we are given tremendous privileges, even as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee every morning. If we’re drinking coffee already, isn’t it awesome that we can do this in a sustainable and ethical way that promotes greater good for humanity?  

I commend Riley, Drew, and Ben a thousand times over for seeing a need in the communities they choose to serve. It’s easy enough to be blind to this need, but they didn’t just write a check and call it a day. That’s why Generous is just the coolest. It isn’t a one and done that will leave these communities in the same place they were when the money runs out - it is a business model that has created sustainable impact in these communities that will continue to drive growth for our brothers and sisters.   

   So no, it’s not about the coffee. It’s actually about the people.

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